MTV documentary about one hit wonders from 1999?
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Where can I find this one MTV documentary about one hit-wonders aired in 1999?

I'm specifically looking for the Q-Tip (rapper) portion of this documentary where they show him living in his mom's basement. This site is the only thing I could find related to the subject. Thanks, all.
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Was it a recurring show or a one-off?

Is the title listed on this page, which could be helpful. And I'm betting you have heard of this.

I wonder if MTV would be helpful with info about the airdates. My guess is you could look up the title in a TV Guide for that week, available at your local library on fiche I should think.

I don't think of Q-Tip of ever being without work to the extent he was forced to live in a basement. He's been steady working here and there, solo, as a producer, as a guest rapper. Are you sure about the artist?
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Are you sure it wasn't Phife Dawg? There's a new documentary about Tribe Called Quest and how Q-Tip and Phife Dawg went completely different directions after the band split up. Haven't seen the doc but it seems like Phife Dawg's career went south after the break up.
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Unplugged: Yo MTV Rap Unglugged (1991 TV episode)? IMDB shows a big list for Q-Tip but nothing about One Hit Wonders or something like that. Scroll down to the Self list.
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Silly me-- I should have clicked on the link.

Show was Ultra Sound, episode was One Hit Wonders (1999 TV episode)--but Q-Tip's not mentioned in the IMDB listing.

Credited cast
Adina Howard ... Herself
Gerardo┬╣ ... Himself
Sir Mix Alot┬╣ ... Himself
DJ Skribble ... Himself
Jamie Walters ... Himself
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Are you sure it wasn't one vh1? They had a One Hit Wonders Special (link goes to a list of songs/artists) but q-tip isn't mentioned. Vh1 had a bunch of similar programs during that time period, so maybe look into that?
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*on vh1, rather
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thanks a lot, everyone. ya'll were right. it wasn't q-tip. i heard about the story from my friend and after asking him again he wasn't sure if it was q-tip after all.
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