An earworm that's been bugging me for so long...
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I keep hearing this song when I'm out and about in Australia. What is it? Humming included.

This song is a dance song which seems to be a mainstream pop hit since late 2006. It's sung by a woman, mentions "revolution" in the chorus, and the lyrics possibly mention something about "made my mistake". It sounds very vocoder-y.

This is me humming it.

I've asked around, and I've ruled out The Veronicas, Stephanie McIntosh, Sneaky Sound System, or Kirsty Maccoll. It may have been an Australia-only hit as I have not heard it anywhere else.

What is this song? Help me!
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I just copied your hum into Midomi, a music search engine and.. there are a whole ton of results. Some seem possible, but I can't play them as I don't have Windows Media Player or something.. :) Worth a try though!
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It does sound familiar
(BTW - to extract an earworm, hum a few verses of "The Mexican Hat Dance" - That usually does the trick for me!)

Bored.Com's SongTapper came up with these:

Love Punch - The Chalets
Overrated(Everything Is) - Less Than Jake
Summertime - Beyonce
Blue Monday - Orgy
Maybe Katie - Barenaked Ladies
If - Janet Jackson
Perpetual Motion Machine - Klaatu
We Dance - ?
Super Duper Love - Joss Stone
I Wish You Would - Martijn Ten Velden
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I don't know the Mexican Hat Dance...

None of those sound right...but I'll try those websites again.
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I'm terribly hopeless at song-name association, but if it is a single by an Australian artist/band then it is unlikely to be in a US-centric music database. Try looking at the ARIA Charts to see if there are any names/song titles which may be it. The main problem with this, however, is the lack of Australian music in the charts at the moment. Also try the Nova Radio playlists to see if you can recognise anything from a song title. Other radio playlists that might be worth a try: 2DayFM, Mix 106.5, TripleM.
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Goddammit! I know what that is!!

Now I have it running through my brain. Brilliant. I might hit Midomi and see if I can't weed it out.

Incidentally, I wouldn't have money on it being by an Aussie artist. They aren't as common on mainstream radio around here as they should be.
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Would it be "No More Conversations" (Youtube) by Freeform Five?
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[divabat] I'm sure you do know the mexican hat dance...
There's a particularly awful version of it here(scroll down a bit)
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I think Jilder definitely has it, that's the first song I thought of when i heard the hum.
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ps. you might have heard the Mylo remix, which is actually the version that I had heard before (it sounds way more vocoder-y)
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OH GOD YES! That's the one! The intro to the original threw me off, but then I heard the lyrics and bingo!

Thank you thank you thank you!
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(Are we still talking about the Mexican Hat Dance, here?)
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I think we're done with the hats. Carry on.
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