Tips for optimal weigh-in results?
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Asking for a friend: What are some dandy little tips for weighing the least on a specific date? (Best time of day? Salt avoidance? Drinking more or less water?) Not looking for anything drastic or unhealthy -- just ways to hit the lowest realistic number. Thanks!
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Your friend should read about weight cutting, and then use whatever techniques they feel is not too much cost for benefit.
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Eat less.

It sounds off-the-cuff and simplistic, and depends a lot on how far away the date is (your body will adjust to reductions in overall daily caloric intake) and also how your thyroid is working, your activity, etc., etc., etc., but for the most part, to weigh less, reduce your intake.
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Oh, sorry. I thought you meant how to weigh the least by a specific date. If it's how to weigh the least during a specific date, first thing in the morning if you haven't eaten for at least 12 hours, after a bowel movement.

You can cheat the system by sweating it out (and even spitting out saliva), like lower-weight class high school wrestlers have done since wrestling was introduced in high school, but that means you have to go thirsty and spitting can be gross.
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Weight class athlete here. Drink a gallon of water every day for 7-10 days before the event, then drink no liquids starting the evening before. You can drop at least 5% of bodyweight pretty reliably this way. You'll gain it all back immediately, of course, and feel pretty crappy, but you will weigh less.
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Water manipulation is another trick that works here.

Basically, you drink a shitload of water for a week or so (gallons per day). Throughout this week, your body adjusts to this extra water by getting rid of water at a faster than usual rate. Then you stop cold turkey 24 or so hours before you want to weigh in. Your body keeps dumping water like it has been but the source is now gone. You dry up a lot in the interim.

Then pee and spit and poo like mad for the next 24 hours until weigh-in without ingesting much if anything. The weight will come back very quickly, but that is normally the point. You didn't state why your friend wanted to get the lowest weight possible, but this technique is definitely not sustainable over a longer term period of time (and really isn't terribly good for you in the grand scheme of things either).
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There is a fluid manipulation technique that you (or your friend) can employ six days out from a specific date:

Here (warning: bro science)
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Eliminate all carbs for about a week beforehand, especially things like wheat, flour, sugar, and corn. This can have amazing effects in terms of losing water weight.

Do a bowel cleanse, again starting about a week before - you can buy kits at the health food store, but basically take a fair amount of psyllium husks (Metamucil, for instance) every day, as well as bentonite clay and apple pectin. Drink lots of fluids while doing this.

Also, an enema.
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When I was in training as a boxer, about a week out from a fight I'd start eating nothing but small portions of straight up protein about 6x daily with fiber and vitamin supplements 3x.

On average I would cut about 15-20lbs in that week.
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or what MexicanYenta said, with a 'how I did it' twist.
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