What rock song is this?
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Help! What guitar-filled rock song has the lyrics "won't tell a soul" as the refrain, I think? It is a male singer - I couldn't tell if the song was old or new. My Goog-itsu is failing me.

The guitar was pretty loud. It half reminded me of the Black Keys. Anybody recognize this song? I think some of the other lyrics were something like "I see you", but I'm fuzzy already and only confident about the relatively slow sung "won't tell a soul". Could have been don't, but I think it was won't. Any ideas?
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The Replacements' "Don't Tell A Soul" comes to mind, but I don't have it with me so can't speak to a particular song. It's a great album, regardless.
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I wonder if you were listening to the same radio station as me, because I'm sure I heard this less than an hour ago, and there was a song by the black keys played near it. I'm trying to figure out what it is now also.
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I'm not in Austin, but what station did you hear it on?
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Honestly I don't know but it was some kind of commerical station that mostly played alternative music from like the late 90s or early 2000s. It was the only station I could get in clearly on the hearing-protection-earphones I had on, working outside.
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It was probably 101x. See it on their recently played list anywhere?
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Not a Soul ?
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Nope, not "not a soul"
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Katatonia - Don't Tell a Soul?
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Here, check out this lyrics search for "tell a soul" and see if you can find it on there.
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Not Katatonia either. Still looking through 101x & now lyricsg. It was a good sounding song. It reminded me of the Black Keys. It was something that if you heard it you could appreciate the lyrics. The "won't tell a soul" part was sung slow, and that was pretty much the refrain, I think. I caught the tail end of the song.
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Queens Of The Stone Age - Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret?

The end refrain is "Whatever you do, don't tell anyone", which is fairly close.
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Took steps to contact the place that was playing it. It was a small band nobody would ever have found. Song is called don't touch anything.
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