What is the actual title of the "Numa Numa" song?
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EarwormFilter: What is the actual title and artist of the song popularly known as the soundtrack to the Numa Numa Dance video? Gods forgive me, I would like to download an MP3 of it. (Bonus points if you can point me to an MP3 link.)
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Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone.
posted by riffola at 7:41 AM on May 21, 2005

You may want to visit http://gladstone.uoregon.edu/~kamalie/
posted by Grensgeval at 7:52 AM on May 21, 2005

the dance mix might be by Dan Balan feat. Lucas Prata - Mai Ai Hee
posted by amberglow at 9:19 AM on May 21, 2005

You can buy the track from iTMS.
posted by Remy at 9:30 AM on May 21, 2005

I think that Track 7 on this album is the exact track, but I'm no expert in Romanian pop music.
posted by mosch at 9:35 AM on May 21, 2005

My 63yo Dad actually went to a concert of the artist who sings this song and has danced to it at nightclubs. I can only remember that it's a woman.
posted by LadyBonita at 2:23 PM on May 21, 2005

The real video for the song is infinitely more entertaining (and infinitely stupider).
posted by cillit bang at 4:39 AM on May 22, 2005

The video by O-Zone. You'll be hard pressed to find better quality.
posted by pedantic at 8:43 PM on May 22, 2005

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