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I am looking for a collection manager like Tellico that is web based, ideally able to be self hosted. Google is failing me.

Something like Listal won't work because I need to be able to self define collections, rather than just books, DVDs and so on. I use Tellico to to keep track of timber veneer pieces, for example.

Tellico works very well but if I could access, edit and create collections from the net I would be a happy man.

Self hosted (Linux) would be preferable. I have the skills to maintain and install something like this, but not those needed to create my own database and web interface.

Does anyone know of anything? Thanks.
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Maybe not the answer you wanted, but I know several people who use Textpattern for this, so you might look into using a CMS package. The thing I like about Textpattern is that it's lightweight and gives you a neat little pseudo-code language that's easy to pick up if you've worked with HTML before, and it means you can present the data in as flexible a manner as you'd like -- on a virtual shelf, or in a minimal black and white table, or whatever.

On the back end, you can create as many custom fields as you need, connect them to images or file downloads, and basically end up with something that resembles a collection manager more than a blog.

On top of that, it's super-easy to create a new collection in the form of a "section," so you can have as many collection types as you want, and they'd be at URLs like or, etc.
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