Edible gift for daddy
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What edible gift can I bring my dad for a belated fathers' day gift?

I am a keen cook, and like to make edible things to bring my dad when I go to visit him. I didn't send him a present in the post this fathers' day, so want to make something special to bring him when I go to visit next weekend.

- Should be something that can be made the day before and withstand a three hour-ish journey in a hot car.

- Can be sweet or savoury, but needs to be something snacky that he can keep in a tin and dip into, so not an entire dessert or main meal.

- Something like cupcakes or a savoury biscotti would be the sort of thing I am looking for, but I have made those for him countless times.

- He likes most cuisines and flavours, but is a particular fan of Middle Eastern cuisine. Also loves dark chocolate and nuts. Is quite adventurous with his tastes.

- Something sophisticated and smart would be good, as he can be a food snob!

I am quite an ambitious cook and can source most ingredients, so no restrictions there. Thank you for any ideas! For some reason I'm drawing a blank on this.
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How about macaroons or chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate?
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Or maybe what my family used to call "crescent cookies"? Almond cookies from the Middle East? Here's one recipe.
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Best answer: Middle Eastern + sweet + nuts + sophisticated = baklava! The truly ambitious cook won't use pre-made phyllo dough ;-)

There's also sesame halvah, and while googling around I found that there's an Iranian version made with flour and rosewater instead of tahini. (I haven't tried either of these recipes; they just turned up at the top of the search results.)
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Right up until you said "sophisticated and smart" I was thinking Chex Mix. It's not upscale but it sure is good. One year I gave homemade Chex Mix to a bunch of people at Christmas and they still ask me to make more. There is one recipe in there for a sweet chocolate toffee version. Maybe you could make this in addition to whatever else you come up with, and pack it in a smart and sophisticated tin!
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Best answer: There are lots of recipes for spiced nuts out there; what about few tins of various flavors - sweet, spicy, etc?

(links to Epicurious, Tastespotting and Smitten Kitchen as examples)
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Mmm, baklava.
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Best answer: Chili-lime chickpeas are wicked good. If that's not as effortful as you need, perhaps you could try a variety of roasted chickpea flavors in a tin with cardboard dividers. The link I gave you links back to an assortment of other roasted chickpeas approaches on The Kitchn.
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I've made these dark chocolate meringue drop cookies several times and they are usually gone within a day. Unlike regular meringues, these only take 8-12 minutes to bake and I can fit the entire batch on two cookie sheets and bake all at once.

I use a high quality dark chocolate, 70%-80%, and omit the cocoa nibs.

They should keep well if you let them cool completely before storing and keep the box out of direct sunlight.
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What about palmiers?

Here's a cinnamon version; Cook's Illustrated has both savory and sweet recipes (paid site, but you can also do a 14-day free trial).
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Do you ever do canning? A batch of jam takes less time than baking a cake, and it's shelf-stable until it's opened when processed properly. I sent my dad some strawberry-jalapeno jam and some lemon-ginger marmalade for Father's Day. If you haven't done it before, this is a good starting point.
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You could make up a batch of these amazing dark chocolate cookies and leave half frozen, so he could have half to snack from for a little while, and then slice, bake and eat more as desired. I know that doesn't sound overwhelmingly sophisticated, but the cookies themselves are far more intense and delicious than the slice 'n' bake methodology implies.
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Homemade peanut brittle hits a spot for a lot of nut lovin' people that no other food item really does. Obviously, you can easily replace peanuts with macadamia nuts, cashews, almonds, etc. to make alternative flavors of brittle.
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My own father laughed his head off the time a couple of my sisters and I --- frustrated by his "oh, anything will do!" whenever we'd ask what he'd like for his birthday --- threatened to give him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

One sister made jam, another made homemade peanut butter, and I made the bread, all from scratch, and we presented it to him as an assemble-it-yourself sandwich kit. He thought it was hilarious!
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Chocolate Guinness cake? Maybe done as cupcakes if you want a smaller snack-ish version? Though I don't know if this falls under "sophisticated and smart" - I guess it depends on his tastes!
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I also suggest spiced/salted nuts or baklava.
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Best answer: i'm cheering for baklava, too! some of the best i've tasted had pistachios, so i went looking for a recipe, and look at this one originally from bon appetite. ooooo. that looks lovely.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! Some great ideas here, but I have marked as best answer those who suggested baklava (can't believe I hadn't thought of that - he loves it!), roasted chickpeas and spiced nuts - I may try making all three and give him a trio of tasty snacks!
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