Did I already upload this image? Let's check... (40 minutes later) Screw it, I have no idea.
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Is there a way to sort my Tumblr so that it will show me which images i have personally uploaded, not reblogged from someone else?

I've been using Tumblr for a couple of months now, and have a couple thousand images in it. The overwhelming majority are reblogs from other Tumblrs, and when uploading images I'm often left wondering if I've already uploaded a particular file but find it cumbersome to wade through the group editor to try and pick it out of the reblogged crowd.

Is there a way to sort that will display and/or indicate the images I've personally uploaded, and not the ones I've reblogged? A script, utility, application, etc?

I will be tagging images to resolve this issue moving forward, but for the purposes of this question assume no tags were used.

Win7 / Android
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You can bulk tag old posts you've made with something that makes it clear it is yours.

It's somewhere on the dashboard page, let me see.
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Yeah on the dashboard "Launch Mass Post Editor". Pretty easy to scroll through and select all your original posts and add tags to them. That does require you to remember which are yours though when viewing their thumbnails.
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