USB headset with physical multiplexer/switch
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USB headset with a physical switch that enables speakers. OS X. Can I (my employer) buy such a thing?

At work we are moving from physical phones to a VoIP system based on Microsoft's Lync. I'm running Lync inside a VMware Fusion virtual machine on OS X (10.6.8). So far so good.

But I found out today that if I'm not sitting around with my headset on then I won't know a call has come in (especially if my VM is minimized at the time). Hrmm. I could unplug my USB headset eachtime but that's a hassle.

What I would really like is a little multiplexer/switch on the headset where I can just send the output to speakers. Does such a thing exist? Bonus if it's available through CDW.
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A Google search for "headset speaker switch" turned up a few items, including this from Plantronics. You could also use a splitter, and turn your speakers on/off/up/down manually if they have that capability.
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Can you use two audio outputs? I know Skype lets you set the ring output and the actual call output independently. This is how I work and it is awesome :-)
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@Runes: that product has been discontinued, and is selling on Amazon for ~$100. Yikes! I did find a similar product from another manufacturer that is ~$15, so I'll have to consider it.

@luciphercolors: in the VM Lync, doesn't seem to let me choose a separate device for ringing. The other sound options (microphone, speakers) have drop downs but not the ringer. That's assuming I could figure out how to tell VMware to add two virtual sound devices and bind them to different devices...

The OS X client doesn't appear to have any options to configure sound output at all.
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Ahh ha, there is an "Also ring" checkbox I missed! I'll have to experiment and see if I can get that to work in VMware.
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Must you buy from Amazon? Google product search finds it for $9. I threw that out there as just one example of what you're looking for, here's another. And another, which is available from Amazon. Or you can build one yourself.
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