anti-radiation maternity clothing
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What's with the anti-radiation maternity clothing on Chinese wholesale sites like milanoo?

They aren't like the lead aprons you wear for X-Rays at the dentist; these are just regular clothes that are supposed to protect you (or your fetus?) from radiation. Is this a scared-of-cell-phone-radiation thing? A tinfoil hat thing? A weird fad? Googling seemed mainly to return Chinese wholesale sites; is fear of radiation effecting fetuses a thing in China?
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I would have thought it's about radiation from the sun.
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i doubt they'd do anything that would do anything meaningful towards radiation... just wear a magnetic bracelet and it'll fix you...
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I would have thought it's about radiation from the sun.

Light _from the sun_ and its negative effect on a _fetus_?

That's a tinfoil hat thing. What kind of radiation? All clothing protects you from alpha and beta radiation, for example, and unless you're wearing a faraday cage none of it protects you from electromagnetic radiation. And what protection is your fetus getting from clothes when you're breathing the local air and eating the local food?

It's bullshit. Save your money and wear a hat.
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Response by poster: If it's a tinfoil hat thing, where is it coming from?
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from an amazon

basically, "protect" a fetus from cell phones, microwaves, and stuff most people are around all the time with no ill effect...
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I wouldn't be surprised if there was some worry about radiation from the Fukushima meltdown in China.
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regardless, the "technology" they are claiming would not help from nuclear radiation...
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It's a Chinese thing. A few years ago Chinese women were all walking around wearing huge, tilt-down plastic sun visors that covered their whole face. Maybe they still are. I don't live as close to a huge, concentrated Chinese population as I used to.

(For Koreans it's electric fans. For Americans it's supply-side economics. For the Chinese it appears to be sunlight. Everyone's got something they're stupid about.)
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Xu, 21 years old at that time, found that the anti-radiation clothing, which can block the radiation from computers, TVs and microwave ovens, was little recognized in China, while anti-radiation clothing for pregnant women, protecting the growing babies from any radiation was very popular in Singapore.

Her father, who thought the market was very narrow, reluctantly agreed to her suggestion to turn the company gradually from traditional clothing production to high-tech anti-radiation clothing. [uh, not guaranteed to not be a press release]

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Before we turn this thread completely over to laughing at the Chinese, please note that lots of western medical authorities would discourage pregnant women from sunbathing during pregnancy because of the unknown effects on them, the foetus, their body's levels of folic acid etc.

UV is "radiation", right?
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Could it have something to do with airport security scanners/X-rays?
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