Old dial phone, new Google voice--can they be friends?
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I use and love Google Voice on my Mac. I have on old dial telephone with a plastic clippy connector on the cable (so it's not that old, I guess). Is there any device that would let me connect the old phone to the Mac? I'm sure I couldn't dial through the old phone, but could I use it for talking? I want to be able to trip passersby with my sproingy phone cord, like in the olden days.
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Perhaps you can find one of these somewhere.
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I don't know how to connect your handset to the Mac, but if that doesn't work out, I've been happy with this affordable, retro handset. There is an optional USB adapter that will let you connect it to the Mac.
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I think an OBi110 Service Bridge Telephone Adapter is what you're looking for.
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Best answer: OBi110 Is what you need...
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+1 to the Moshi-Moshi Pop handset that maxim0512 mentioned... I use it all the time when I'm talking on my iPhone on the bus. :)
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Response by poster: Oh, my, I'm happy I asked this question. ALL these answers are great! Probably the Service Bridge adapter is what I need to manage my original question, but Great Lord Above, I think I need one of those old fasioned handsets to go with my iPhone!

(For the lovers of old/new: my brother has set up all his voice-dial commands on his cell phone to start with, "Operator, get me ______". Makes me laugh every time.

Thanks, smart ones!
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Just curious, how did your brother make his own voice commands/what phone does he have?
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Response by poster: Not sure what kind of phone--nothing too new. You had to train the phone with a recording for each name in your phone book, so he just added the "operator" gag at the beginning of each one. Wish I had more facts for you.

(He also changed his screen to a picture of an old rotary dial. A clever boy, perhaps with too much time on his hands...)
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