It's Hard to Google for a web app that is a web service request tester
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Help me find a lost web app that sent HTTP requests.

Ok, this is my first "help me find this thing I lost" question -- but you guys are generally very good with these.

Website: let you send HTTP requests to a url -- specify POST/GET, add parameters and all that jazz, specify headers (I believe). Had a colorful/pinkish stripey background?

Ring any bells? I used this back in March, and sadly did not bookmark it. I need it for quick testing of a one off web service. I can use curl in the meantime, but this website was pretty useful.
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Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer? The background is not all that colorful.
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I was sure I had something similar bookmarked too, but can't find anything.

Could it have been a Firefox plugin rather than a website?

I've found this Java app that's a similar idea:

and this interactive shell might be useful

but neither are web apps.
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Not exactly what you're looking for but a Firefox extention called Tamper Data will do what you want as well.
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Thanks guys, not exactly what I was looking for, but still helpful! It wasn't an add on -- I use Chrome -- but good to know about them!
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