Are there any particularly good martial arts dojos in the DC metro/Northern Virginia area?
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Are there any particularly good martial arts dojos in the DC metro/Northern Virginia area?

I would really like to get back into martial arts. I had done it as a kid and enjoyed it, but then fell out of it and would like to get back in.

The biggest issue for me is finding a high quality dojo. There are just so many shitty belt farms out there, and I'm looking for a place that really "gets" it. These sorts of places are few and far between, that's why I'm hear!

I'd love to hear about anyone's experiences with dojos in the area. Anything between DC and Reston is ideal, but for a particularly good place I'd be willing to drive a little.

I am agnostic to the form. Karate, tae kwon do, judo, kung fu...the arguments between forms are really tiresome. Finding a good dojo is way more important, I think, than being able to brag that "I do what Jet Li does!"
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If you're interested in Aikido, DC's Shobukan Dojo was founded by Mitsugi Saotome, who brought Aikido to the US in the mid-70s.
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Ryan Hall's 50/50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym is extremely well-regarded, and in Northern Virginia.

I've trained karate, wrestling, and BJJ, and I can say that I personally find jiu-jitsu to be the best combination of interesting, effective and fun. But grappling isn't for everyone, and not all folks that are into other forms (even judo) enjoy BJJ.

I say this not to get into those arguments between forms that we both find tiresome, but just to acknowledge that part of "finding a good dojo" involves finding something that you enjoy practicing so much that you keep up with it and have a great time doing it. I definitely encourage trying it out, though, and 50/50 has a stellar instructional reputation.
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I've heard good things about both Shobukan and also Capital Aikikai in Maryland.
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