Asian Groceries in Capitol Hill
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Asian groceries (and other good produce) in Seattle's Capitol Hill?

We are moving from the Greenlake area to Capitol Hill and while I'm excited about living in a hipper and more walkable neighborhood, I'm already feeling uneasy about being so far away from my beloved Lenny's Produce and HT Oaktree Market. Where can I find inexpensive, fresh produce in the area? Ideally this store would also have a selection of Asian and/or Mexican groceries as well.

Obviously I can always drive down to Uwajimaya, but I'm wondering if there are any places that are closer.
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There are tons of little groceries in the ID.

If you're going to get in the car and drive, don't go to Uwajimaya. Shoot, what's the name of that little Japanese grocery in Georgetown? Amazing food. Aha, thanks, Google: Maruta Shoten!
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The stores at the intersection of 12th & Jackson will have just about everything you are looking for, and it's half-way to ID proper. It's about 10 minutes away from most places on Capitol Hill by bike or car. And ID itself is just a few blocks down on Jackson.
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My Capitol Hill friends always used to rave about the Viet Wah which is on the same block blindcarboncopy says. It's not too far to walk, even, if it's a nice day.
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Good points, guys. I am very familiar with Viet Wah and the other big CD / ID grocery stores -- I guess I had forgotten how close those all were from our new place.
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There's also Foulee in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

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My husband (the cook of the household) is also really fond of Hau Hau (I think that's the proper spelling), which is also very close.
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