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I got a job at a fancy-pants bar. Now I need fancy pants.

I'm leaving my coffee shop job (uniform: jeans and t-shirt) for a new gig at an upscale cocktail bar in Washington, D.C. and need to stock up on clothes. The dress code is dark pants, shirt and tie, and a vest.

So how do I put this together? I got a pair of black wool dress pants and a white dress shirt from Banana Republic, but the vest thing is flummoxing me. Where do I buy vests? I'm not wearing a suit, so is it ok for the vest to not match the pants? I've heard vintage stores will have vests from three-piece suits for sale on their own, is that appropriate? How are they supposed to fit?

I also need ties that look nice, but wouldn't kill me to replace if I spill something on them.

I've never had a job where I had to get dressed up (I'm 26, with a series of cafe and warehouse jobs behind me), so this process is all a bit new to me. Any advice is appreciated.
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Find a uniform store.
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Can you go to the bar and see what the current bartenders are wearing? Or is this bar not yet open?
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I've gotten vests from Express and Target. (Latter is if course cheaper.) Thrift stores are likely to have them in spades.

You don't have to match (speaking fashion-wise, not as your boss), as long as you don't do something horrible like two different "shades" of black, or mix black and blue. A mix that comes to mind, and one I wear sometimes, is black pants with a charcoal houdstooth vest (impulse buy at Target).
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Vest certainly doesn't need to match, unless that is the look (is it supposed to look like a tux?). For well-made inexpensive ties ($15 - $30 on sale) I like Lands End - they have a "slim" tie that is a little more fashionable without looking like you're going for a hardcore J. Crew look. You can also try The Tie Bar for cheap ties - quality is not as good, but you can't beat it for the price.

Also, I know that it's a bit different in foodservice (especially if it's a uniform situation!) but you can stay away from black dress pants. Go for something in a dark charcoal or lighter when it comes time to purchase pants #2. These are great - I recommend the Tailored Fit unless you're going for the Presidential dad jeans look.
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Poke around this site. Second the recommendation to see what other staff are wearing. Remember, comfort is key, especially if you'll be starting off with barback duties.
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This is really something you should check with your new employer about. It would be a shame for you to drop a bundle on even low-end or second-hand dress clothes, only to discover they had something very specific in mind.
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Thrift the ties. You can almost certainly find name brand, all silk, snazzy lookin' ties for no more than $5 a pop. Or, as mentioned above, go with Land's End - but only when on sale!
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