Architectural salvage stores near greater Boston area?
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Anybody know of architectural salvage yards or stores in the Boston area where I can get hold of things from older building being torn down or replaced. Sinks..etc.. Thanks
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The ReStore Home Improvement Center is well worth the trip to Springfield, especially as there's an even better place just down the road from it with TONS of stuff. Unfortunately, i can't remember the name of it, but if you take a left out of the ReStore parking lot, it's only a little ways away. I was able to get some sash weights nice and cheap, just picking them out from a huge pile of 'em
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Restoration Resources, Inc. (31 Thayer St., Boston, MA 02118, 617-542-3033).

Architectural Antiques of Boston (152 Warren Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02118, 617-578-0095).
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