What film was that?
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What is the name of this film?

I would like to know the name if a film that I saw on TV in Finland some years ago. It was a Russian film - fairly modern - set in the 1920s, I think.

It concerned a political officer in the new Bolshevik Soviet Union who was tasked with executing revisionists, counter-revolutionaries, etc.

They shot people (who were stripped naked) who were stood against doors stacked in a basement.

I recall the sergeant making a laconic comment after one round of executions, when the doors were reduced to tatters by the fusillades, to the effect that they needed more doors.

In the end, the officer goes mad with the realisation of what he has been doing.

What film was it?
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@ Nomyte

Perfect - thank you.
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Wow, sounds like an interesting film. Too bad Netflix doesn't have it and the only copy at Amazon is a VHS for $188.
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