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A certain person I'm married to has reached a certain age. I know that some seniors discounts start at age 65, some at age 60, and some even start at age 55. Is there a listing somewhere of what discounts are available and at what age they begin?

I'm thinking of everything from drugstore chains to museums to transit to banking services. We are in Toronto, but many retailers and services are national or beyond. Someone must have gathered up this info, surely. I can't be the first person to want this information in a nice tidy package.
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In the US, there's the AARP. Here's their list of discounts, which may be totally useless in Canada, sorry.

Oh hey look, there's a CARP! Who knew.
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I don't know why that link went to Insurance Services.
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Here is one spot to start. CARP benefits
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Oops! desjardins ninja'd the same information in. I did want to say that CARP is a way more fun acronym than AARP. Well done, Canada!
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Just found a couple more

Senior years
Smart Canuks

You'll have to let us know how much your certain someone really appreciates all this information ;)
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Response by poster: These are helpful answers, but I was thinking of discounts that don't involve buying a membership. For example, the Royal Ontario Museum gives a discount on the price of admission if you're 65 or over, whereas RBC gives a discount on banking fees at age 60. You don't need to pay for a membership to access these discounts, they're just there for everyone of a certain age. I just want to know about as many of these as possible.
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Retail on Tuesdays. At least in the US a lot of retail stores do senior discounts on Tuesdays.
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Googling around shows that others have asked a similar question.
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You'll never get a comprehensive list of senior discounts. Mr. Joleta and I have gotten in the habit of just asking "Do you have a senior discount" wherever we go. Or if there's a sign with a senior price, like at the movies, we just say "two senior tickets" and have never been challenged because one of us is, say, 60 instead of the requisite 62.
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Response by poster: *sigh* I guess this "asking" thing is going to be the way to go. My husband is 62 going on 42, so the idea of asking for a seniors discount has been a non-starter so far. I was hoping to show him a website or other collection of info on seniors discounts to ease him into the concept. (He's not opposed to saving money.) So I guess I'll do the asking when he's not around and spring it on him when he's with me. Thanks everyone!
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