Special-snowflake jeans required
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Help me find the perfect pair of jeans (with special snowflake details, of course).

I always have trouble finding jeans that fit right, and my tastes are very specific - not a good combination, I know. I've read other jean-hunting threads here, but a lot of the suggestions are very US-centric. I am in Europe, and would love alternatives that are available here.

I'm a US size 12 (EUR 42/44), 5ft7in tall, with wide hips and a curvy ass, but a relatively slim/defined waist. Usually pants are too tight on the hips and then sag at the waist, so they end up riding way too low (a belt just makes them bunch up and gives me a bad case of jean peen).

What I'm looking for:

- a dark blue, clean-looking denim wash (no fake ageing, no fancy details)
- skinny fit, with a bit of stretch (I can't stand bootcuts, flares or boyfriend-style)
- hit at the top of the ankle (but I know I can sort this with the help of a tailor)
- not low-rise, but not toooo high either
- good quality (I'm willing to pay up to 100-110 EUR)

Any suggestions, or is my quest in vain? Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried Victoria Beckham or Rock and Republic on sale?
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I have a similar shape, and finding jeans is VERY tough. My guess is that you'll have to compromise on some of the qualities you're looking for. And unfortunately, 100-110 EUR does not seem to buy high-quality jeans these days.

Here's one place to start: urban outfitters cigarette jeans. I don't know about you, but most of the pants (including these) that are listed as "high rise" end up being mid- or low-rise on me. You can find stores and ordering info for Europe here. They come in lots of different colors and you can hem them to whatever length you want.

Good luck! Wish this was an easier quest in America too.
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Have you tried the curvy fit jeans at eddie bauer? I don't know if their straight leg is skinny enough, but I think it's worth a look.

I've had good luck with this fit and I have a similar body type.

Also-- a tailor can help with the gapping at the waist if you find jeans you love that are wide enough in the hip area. Cost would depend in part on where you are.
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Best answer: Several months ago, Levi's marketed jeans for different body types. Despite not being in the market for a new pair of jeans at the time, I went in to try them on just to see. The "curvy" ones did, indeed, seem to fit my butt/waist better than other pairs.

I have no idea what kind of availability Levi's has in Europe, but they might be worth looking into.
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Best answer: The Levi's that phunniemee mention is their Curve ID line and I am pretty sure they are in Europe as I see an ad for them on the tube all the time. You can get some at ASOS and I'd guess you would fit the "bold" curve. Or maybe you have a Levi's store near you?
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And a little snippet about Bold Curve:
Bold Curve honours real curves and celebrates the feminine silhouette, hugging the waist, without gaping or pulling. If you have very defined hips, waist and bottom, and your jeans fit your bottom, but then gape at the back and feel tight in the thigh, you could be a BOLD CURVE.
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A friend of mine with a shape similar to what you describe also likes (and looks great in) Eddie Bauer curvy jeans.
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Some of this depends on the style you prefer -- younger, hipper or okay with a higher waist and a less rock star look/attitude. I have a similar body type and I only wear Joe's Jeans in the Honey Fit. They are bootcut, though, so perhaps the skinny fit would work as well. They tend to fit tight and then loosen up after an hour or so -- I am a size 2-4 and I wear the 26. This style is more the younger/hipper/premium denim style.
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Best answer: As a denim fiend who buys European denim almost exclusively (often discounted via Yoox, which has a fair, fairly easy return policy): I recommend Superfine and Acne, as well as American brand Stitch's, which I find has particularly excellent ass-to-waist ratio for curvier, fine-waisted figures. All three brands offer beautifully straight / skinny leg versions sans any hint of that schlocky bootcut / flare / 'boyfriend'-jean or overly stretchy nonsense. Some pairs of Acne can smoosh a bit more than cradle, though if your curves are mighty enough to surmount that, they really do fit the waist wonderfully.
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I have pretty much the exact same problems and ideal jeans as you do. I got a couple pairs of Not Your Daughter's Jeans recently, and I love them. Don't worry, they don't come up over my navel or have tiny butt pockets or anything like actual mom jeans. They just fit really well, and they stretch enough to be comfortable, but not so much that you get saggy butt by the end of the day. If you look at their website, you can see they're available in several EU countries; I don't know exactly where you are so I can't be specific about price.
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Response by poster: Hi all, thanks heaps for the suggestions. I will be dropping by my local Levi's store during my lunchbreak - the option to try before I buy is always a major bonus.

And taramosalata, thank you for the suggestion of Yoox, it looks fantastic and their shipping options are just what I need!
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Response by poster: A quick update for posterity: I ended up buying Levi's Bold Curve jeans in skinny fit, and I love them! They fit great and look great. Thanks again to all.
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