white dress and white sand. wedding on the beach
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closest most beautiful beach near oklahoma city to get married on?

We want to do a very small (just us and parents) wedding on the beach without a lot of ceremony or crowds. Just a lonely beautiful place for us to enjoy each others company for a week or two.

We have a 2 year old so not wanting to be on a plane for 10 hours. Bonus if there's some decent activities for us and the kiddo; I've always wanted to learn to surf, she's more for just hanging out at the beach.
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Well you can get to Galveston, TX in about seven and a half hours by car. That's the closest beach to Oklahoma, and I can't say how good the surfing is going to be, as the Gulf of Mexico isn't exactly known for its waves.

But the thing is, Oklahoma is almost, but not quite, as far from the ocean as one can get in the Lower Forty-Eight. So unless you want to do a freshwater beach, i.e. a lake or a river, this question doesn't really have any good answers, as I've never heard of surfing anywhere but the ocean. Or a wave pool, which hardly counts.
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Wouldn't Galveston be the closest? Not exactly pristine, but there's surfing. Or Corpus Christi.
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I'm not sure what you're asking for here.

Are you planning to drive? Then the closest beaches that are usually regarded as pretty nice are probably the "redneck riviera" from, say, Gulfport MS through to around Ft. Walton Beach, FL. That's probably around a 12 hour drive.

Or are you planning to fly but not as far as Hawaii? Then you basically have the whole lower 48 open to you -- the difference in travel time from OKC to San Diego will not strongly differ from the travel time to Miami/Lauterdale or Pensacola or Wilmington NC or whatever.
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Are you looking for an ocean beach, or would a lakeside or riverside be suitable?
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Texas would be closest but I wouldn't think of Galveston as "beautiful beach" or "lonely and beautiful".

Some other lovely beach destinations in Texas include Port Aransas which is on Mustang Island (nearest airport: Corpus Christi/CRP), and South Padre Island (nearest airport: Brownsville/SPI). You'd need to rent a car for either trip, just for getting around on the islands.
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If you're okay with lakeside beaches, Lake Texoma is only about three hours' drive from OKC, and Eufaula Lake is only about two and a half hours' drive. Both have beaches, and Texoma has wind surfing.

If you're willing to travel further, I second the recommendation of Mustang Island. Port Aransas is also nice (and, in my experience, usually not crowded). Southwest flights to Corpus Christi from OKC are about three and a half hours (mainly because you have to pass through Houston), and are very affordable.
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don't forget lake michigan. there's some amazing lakefront beaches all through illinois, indiana, wisconcin, and michigan.
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I attended a lovely wedding at the Hotel Galvez on Galveston. There are nice attractions on the island, including Moody Gardens and a Schlitterbahn water park. There is a historic district as well, and tours of some of the pre-1900 hurricane homes.
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