What on Earth is this?
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What is this? I've had it hanging on my wall for a year or two. It was found on the sand below the water line at the Fire Island National Seashore/Wilderness. It's lightweight and friable, like a sea creature. It's 24 cm (9.4 inches) long by 11 cm (4.3 inches) wide. 24 cm is 1.7 monkey skulls, if that helps.
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It looks like a sacrum. I don't know of what, though.
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I don't think that's a skull - it looks like a pelvis to me, based on the second photo.
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Like gingerest, I'd guess hip bone, possibly cetacean.
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Ah. Based on size and structure, I'm thinking sea lion or seal of some sort.
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Like gingerest, I'd guess hip bone, possibly cetacean.

Cetaceans don't have hip bones, really. Just tiny little vestigial nubs of what used to be a pelvis.

But I agree that looks like a pelvis, or a piece of one.
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Yes, what you probably took to be eye sockets are the articulation points for the ball joints of the hips. So, something with lower extremities. Having trouble nailing down a match but some variety of pinniped seems most likely.
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Best answer: the fact that it is lightweight and friable makes me think that it is a bird bone. marine mammals don't need to have lightweight bones but birds do.

in your specimen, the spinal vertebrae (down the center) are fused to the surrounding bones. that's also a characteristic of bird skeletons, and in particular, the tailbone/pelvis area of a bird skeleton.

since you found it on a beach, i just googled a few different large water birds:
here's a picture of a swan pelvis

here's a (small) heron pelvis -there are also larger species
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Completely agree - it looks like a pelvis and most likely that of a bird.
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to continue, i couldn't find a picture of a pelican's pelvis, but that's a good candidate, given the size and the fact that you found it on an ocean beach.
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Response by poster: Chris commented (on the Picasa page) "It is the synsacrum and pelvic bones of a bird." Here's a drawing.

"The synsacrum consists of the three pelvic bones (ilium, ischium, and pubis) together with the sacral and lumbar vertebrae and some thoracic vertebrae, all fused together into a single rigid unit."
- Colin J. Pennycuick, Modelling the flying bird. He goes on to describe the synsacrum's role in respiration.

I think "pelican pelvis" is the answer I'll go with for now. Thanks all!
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