Quirky little places of inspiration in Seattle
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Please point me towards quirky little places of inspiration in Seattle
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Interlaken Park
Cottages in Capitol Hill
St. Mark's Greenbelt
Volunteer Park Conservatory
Privately owned public spaces
I hope these are the kind of thing you're after. Happy exploring!
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Your opacity may be intentional, but could you maybe give a little more detail? Are you looking for locations, or events, or..? And inspiration like artistic inspiration, or inspiration like religious inspiration, or are you more looking for some "Eye of the Tiger" energy?
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Rent a kayak on the north end of lake union and paddle your way over to the arboretum and have fun floating around underneath the freeway. One of my favorite pastimes in the world.
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Kubota Garden in south Seattle.

Bike days along Lake Washington Boulevard--Coleman Park to Seward without cars, baby!

Lunch at Maximiliens in the Market, drinking wine and watching the ferries go in and out.
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Take a nice long walk to Fremont, go over one bridge on the way in, the big one on the way out. Enjoy the beautiful homes, quirky building art, and neato shop finds tucked behind lush hanging trees. Bring large bottle of water. Hills. :)
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Best answer: I wasn't going to give away my secret location of inspiration, but now that I no longer live in Seattle, I figured it's OK. Quest Bookshop on Capitol Hill. It's a well-stocked spiritual bookshop in a hobbit-like building with its own garden and mini-library. The same helpful woman has been behind the counter since my first visit there as a wide-eyed thirteen-year-old buying my first deck of Tarot cards. It is magic.
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Waterfall Garden Park, on the northwest corner of 2nd and Main in Pioneer Square. Quite a surprise in the urban wilderness.
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Best answer: The sound garden in Magnusun park, although homeland security has vomited red tape all over it
The Suzzallo reading room
Myriad marvelous parks that are often overlooked: Louisa-Boren, Bhy Kracke, Ravenna, Frink, Carkeek, Ballard Locks, definitely Interlaken as mentioned by Craig, Alki beach
The gazebo in the arboretum, and the Japanese garden
Museum of Flight
Uwajimaya (That's right. I'm including a supermarket in this list.)
Monthly sea chantey sing-alongs at the Center for Wooden Boats (transport yourself to a different century)
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Fremont Troll.
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The Rose Garden next to the zoo.
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Best answer: I don't live in Seattle anymore, but I used to really like Bauhaus Coffee on Capitol Hill for sketching/writing/spacing out. Sitting upstairs gives you a very nice view of the city and the sunset (when you can see the sun, that is...ahem).

The Pike Place Market is kinda neat, of course, and I used to enjoy getting a cup of tea and a crumpet at The Crumpet Shop as a start to an interesting day of wandering around the city (if you go there, tell Rob that Kele says 'hi!').

The Trading Musician up on Ravenna and Roosevelt has long been one of my favorite places to browse musical instruments. The acoustic room is the absolute best. I miss that place so much :(

Nthing Beth's Cafe. I don't know if you can still smoke there, but scribbling a few pictures out through a blue-grey haze at 4 in the morning was always a simple pleasure for me.

Discovery Park is a nice place to wander around. There was a pretty large feral cat population there when I lived in Seattle, so trying to see and/or catch one was pretty diverting.

There is (was?) and artesian well just north of Lynnwood that you could go to and get as much free water as you liked. I found that to be a fun little trip. (go north on the 5, get off at 164th St. Take a left off the exit and go down the incline. Just before the street starts to incline again, look to your right. You should see a little dirt road and a sort of shack there - probably a few people out there helping themselves to the water, too. Delicious water there. I used to brew beer with it.)

The Ballard Locks were always popular with people I knew.
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The overlook at Sunset Hill Park in Ballard.
Roaming around Hamlin Park, even better with a dog.
The sand dune hill at Discovery Park.
The pedestrian overpass over the train tracks at Carkeek Park.
The view of Lake Union from the huge Chinese restaurant (blanking on the name) on Eastlake.
The top of Kite Hill in Magnuson Park.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much, everybody! These suggestions wonderful; many are surprising and delightful. I really appreciate it!
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Carkeek has been mentioned a couple of times but specifically I'll add the apple orchard within it. When it warms up it's a great little spot to lay out a blanket.
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