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Please recommend a therapist in Houston Texas specializing in financial stress issues.

I worry about my finances all. the. time. I'm sweating and shaking as I type this ... I have to talk to someone so I can help myself. I suffer from depression and am on Bupropion for it; obviously this is no longer sufficient. I am constantly anxious which makes it impossible to take the steps I need to fix my situation which makes me more anxious which, well, you get the picture. I need to get control of this so it no longer controls me. Please recommend a free or low cost resource in the Houston area. I've tried looking on-line but it's hard to judge who would be effective ... just a recommendation please! And please, please, please, don't judge me, my heart is breaking and the stress is making me ill.
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Since no one has answered for a few hours, and I have no connection to Texas, I'll weigh in with something even though it's not a therapist referral. I was once in financial stress due to my own (in)action. Years of it. I struggled mightily with crippling anxiety, major avoidance of personal relationships, didn't sleep ever, you name it. I was lucky enough to pick an accountant from the yellow pages who just happened to be sooo nonchalant--he'd seen it all before. He worked with me and fixed me up without judging me AT ALL. And this was in a pretty small town where everyone knows everyone, so I didn't even have the anonymity that a big city affords.

So I'm here to say that if your finances need professional attention/fixing, in addition to a therapist, you might call on an accountant or other financial services pro appropriate for your situation. Chances are good that whatever problem you have, they've seen it before, worse than your situation, and not infrequently.

Also, the Texas Psychological Association has a "doctor finder" where you can look up specialties, location, etc. They have a category for "gambling" and if that doesn't fit you, the provider might still have experience appropriate to your situation. A starting point, anyway.

Good luck!
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Because of how aid organisations funding criteria were changed during George W. Bush's tenure as President, your main resource is to call 211 - the United Way helpline. They will direct you to any/all available resources. Just describe clearly what you're looking for and they'll point you in the (mostly) right direction.
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