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What essential and not-so-essential kit do small voluntary organisations need?

I'm part of a small student-run voluntary group that does regular outdoor work. We've got quite a lot of money left over from our yearly budget and are thinking of ways to use it up. Please help?

We've already replaced worn-out tools and equipment, got a new first aid kit, and are thinking of getting some guide books. Training and insurance are also covered. We have a website, but it's hosted by the university so no additional fees to pay there. The group has been run a certain way for decades, so there might be cartloads of stuff we're not aware of - what else have we missed?

As for the budget...let's say that a big investment like a bike or similar is not out of the question if it proves useful. Oh and we're in the UK for what it's worth.
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What kind of outdoor work? Gardening, trail maintenance, rock climbing?
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Response by poster: Mainly maintenance work, but occasionally gardening as well.
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Best answer: Could you tell us more about the work you do, where you are located (city, town, etc), how many volunteers you have, who you serve, etc?

Off the top of my head: First Aid and CPR training (I don't know if this is covered in the training you mentioned), any software you need, maps; tshirts, coffee mugs or water as promotional items or thank yous for volunteers...
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Best answer: Depending how far your activities take you afield, a satellite phone and its associated account could prove very handy on location.
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Best answer: If you're near an urban area, could you purchase a stack of bus passes to your location so you can have a standing invitation to other students who may not get as much outdoor time?
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Best answer: Guide books are good.

Supplies for meetings? Like easels and pens and plates, cups, and utensils? A teapot and/or coffee maker?
Bug repellant? Sunscreen?
Extra gloves and hats and overshirts for volunteers?
Radios to communicate across a large site?
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Response by poster: These are all great ideas, thank you! I hadn't thought of buying promotional items...
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Training/professional development for staff.
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