Control - Y keyboard shortcut has globally stopped working in windows 7.
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Personal Tech Support Filter : Control - Y keyboard shortcut has globally stopped working in windows 7.

I've made my best attempts at closing any program or running task that could have captured it, but I haven't found the culprit.

As far as I can tell control-y seems to do nothing. Control-z still works as a global undo in programs that use it, but I have to mouse click edit - redo, everytime I want to use redo. Thoughts? How do I trace this?
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What type of PC? Any other hotkey programs running when looking at the startup items under 'msconfig' ?
posted by samsara at 1:22 PM on June 24, 2011

Have you already tried unplugging/plugging back in the keyboard or moving it to a different USB port?
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HP laptop, the problem happens with both the laptop keyboard and a Bluetooth external keyboard.

I do have a few hotkey (autohotkey, npptor[sends commands to R from notepad++]) programs but I have closed them all out, and they were all working fine before.

What else specifically should I look for under msconfig?
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With msconfig, see if you can narrow down the possibilities by unchecking startup items and non-microsoft services (hide microsoft services checkbox). You can check them all back into startup later after rebooting...this just helps rule out resident software taking over. In particular, there may be an HP button item...but try disabling all at first, turning on suspected items one by one.
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