Outdoor fitness classes in Pittsburgh
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Outdoor fitness classes in Pittsburgh?

When I lived in the UK, I did a thing called British Military Fitness which I *loved*. Running, jumping, press-ups, sit-ups, squats, more running, burpees etc etc etc, all done outdoors come rain, hail or shine.

Now that I'm in Pittsburgh, I was hoping to find something similar, but my Google-Fu is failing me pretty hard, so I was hoping that some of the Pittsburgh MeFites might be able to help me scope out something similar.

A few things:

1) I know that CrossFit is big here, but the nearest box is about two miles away in the Southside. That'd be fine if I had a car, but I'm living in Greenfields and the easiest way to the Southside and back is through Greenfield Avenue, which is a MASSIVE hill and not one that I'd be keen on running up after a workout. Also, CrossFit is expensive. But if there's a CrossFit in Squirrel Hill that I don't know about, I'd consider it.

2) There's a thing called Fitness in the Park (Frick Park), but I've been trying to contact the person who runs it, to no avail. This is the kind of thing that would be *perfect*, so again, it'd be great to know if there's anything else like this.

Basically, I want an outdoors group workout with running, jumping and other fun stuff, in Pittsburgh, preferably in Squirrel Hill or Greenfields. Is that too much to ask? :(
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Hello from Greenfield!

You might want to check out the network of Community Centers in Pittsburgh. They have lots of classes and activities that change with the seasons. There is one in Greenfield (Magee) and there should be people on staff to talk to you. They also have little books listing classes and activities if you drop by in person.
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Panther Crossfit is in Oakland. Don't know if they take non-students, but might be worth checking out. Other than that, I haven't heard of anything outdoor in the area. If you have a group of friends that would be interested, I know a couple coaches that I could put you in touch with. They've thought about doing what you're describing in the past.
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I am so not local so cannot help on that front, but the term here in the US for that sort of thing is usually a "bootcamp" workout. So you might plug that into the Googles for possibly better results?
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Response by poster: I've looked up bootcamps but they all seem to be women (is that usual?). Panther cross fit do only take students because their workouts are in the Pete (student only gym).

I don't have any friends who would be up for it bfranklin, but still, tell your coach mates to start something up because I'm sure there'd be a demand.
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