Help: vitamin E on new silk shirt!
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I just got some vitamin E cream on my new silk shirt: what should I do?

I put some Webber's vitamin E on a burn on my arm this morning and accidentally touched my shirt with it when moving. I immediately rinsed it off with water, and then added a bit of hand soap following my mom's suggestion. Is there anything else I should do, now or when I get home later? I'm really worried that it will leave a stain and it's the first time I'm wearing this shirt.... if the material is important, it's silk, 100% (yeah, that's also part of why I don't want to stain it... it's the most expensive shirt I ever bought, and I'm still a student, I don't have the money to replace it (it bought it to have a nice shirt to wear at my part-time job, that has a conservative dress-code))
I hope the wonderful Ask mefi community can help me with this!
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Response by poster: Oops: good news, I mixed it up with another shirt I bought, this one is NOT silk, it's 100% polyester, I'm relieved. Any suggestions for cleaning it would also be appreciated but I wanted to correct that mistake (and now I'm wondering why it was so expensive... cause it still was anyways).
Sorry for the mistake, I should've checked before, but I was so sure that it was silk.
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Is it an oily stain? I've had good luck getting petroleum-based hand cream out of a dry clean only skirt by sprinkling cornstarch directly on the stain and letting it sit for a few hours. Brush it off after a while, and if the oily stain is still there, repeat as necessary.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Is it effective only immediately after staining the shirt or should it work if I do it when I come back at home in a couple of hours?
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I also stained a polyster shirt with oil recently and had this same problem. Apparently oil stains on polyster are common.

What I did, after googling, was wash the stain with dish detergent and warm water, let it sit a bit, and then threw it in the laundry. It worked.
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Best answer: I think waiting shouldn't be a problem (I waited several hours). The cornstarch will naturally absorb the oil, so the effectiveness I don't think will be reduced over time.

However, I would not wash the garment before trying this--because cornstarch alone will definitely not hurt the garment or set the stain, you have nothing to lose by trying this first and later trying more traditional stain-removing methods. Once you wash a garment, though, any stains that remain can be much more difficult to remove.

Also, the dish detergent idea is a great next step. BUT be sure to test the detergent in a non-visible spot to make sure you won't inadvertently discolor the garment--dish detergent can be potent stuff! When you test, make sure you let it sit as you would for stain-removal purposes.
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I've had amazing luck with Shout stain remover. Try the cornstarch method, and if it doesn't work, get yourself some Shout. It is magic, and it works even after a long time, so it's okay to try other methods first.
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Response by poster: Thank you again everybody! I tried the cornstarch and it seems to have worked (for some reason it looks like that part of the shirt "mattified" but I'm thinking that's the cornstarch residue, I haven't had the time to clean it thoroughly yet, and a part from that, it's perfect)
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Kitsuloukos, if you don't want to wash it yet, have you tried brushing the garment with a toothbrush (or something similar)? Anything that will brush at the fibers and remove any set-in residue.
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