Are there options for data-only plans for factory unlocked iPhone?
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I want to get an iPhone primarily as a portable computer/GPS/camera, and sometimes if someone wants to Skype me, that would be okay too. I am uninterested in getting tied down to a voice plan for what sounds like an eternity. Thus, with the option to get an unlocked phone from the Apple Store, what are my options for data-only plans? AT&T seems to be the best data provider where I live (in the Upper CT River Valley of NH), so I found their list of plans at . Most of these are GSM plans but as a newb I'm concerned about the list of acceptible phones for each plan. Is there any reason these won't work with an unlocked GSM iPhone?
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Why don't you get an itouch.
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Asking at the ATT forum might be helpful.
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You didnt specifically mention voice - iPad 3G?
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I wholely support this idea. I use 1GB of wifi data for every 10MB of 3G. But, wireless is a cartel in the US and you will be hardput to find a provider that won't *require* you to purchase an expensive "smartphone dataplan". Of course, that's what the unlocked phone is trying to change!!

Check out the smaller prepaid type brands: cricket etc, because they may have more leeway in structuring plans.
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Cricket is a CDMA provider and can't use the current unlocked iPhone.
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iPad 3G.
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Agreeing with the people who say that you don't need an iPhone.
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