Can Facebook get buggy?
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Can Facebook get buggy? This morning (and since) I hit the icons for messages, notifications and they white out. I hit account to log out; it whites out too. I restart the computer, ditto. No other program seems affected. If it's useful, I use Chrome on Mac 10.6.7. Any ideas? Thank you.
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Best answer: If you mean when you have notifications and it gets a white overlay with the red flag still up, then you're not alone. It gets stuck like that for me also. Running Firefox on PC here.
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Best answer: Apparently they're rolling out various beta versions of messaging and notifications to some users. I've got the intermittent greyed out bits as well, especially difficult when the chat window was stuck open and impossible to sign out of.

At some points through the day I've had a whole new right-hand column of fast streaming "most recent" updates alternating with total normality or weird tiling that obscures Events.

I'm using Chrome beta on OSX, but this doesn't seem platform or browser specific, more connected to the account.
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Best answer: I had this going on today too. I use FB in an incognito window (also Chrome, also OS X) and once I closed and reopened the window, it was better. So, maybe clear your cache and cookies?
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Best answer: It looks like some SSL certificates are broken, which may or may not be related to what you're talking about.
Some of the user icons for my friends are broken-picture boxes, and I tried to use wget in Linux to see what the problem was.

wget gives me this error message:

Connecting to||:443... connected.
ERROR: certificate common name `' doesn't match requested host name `'.
To connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.

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Best answer: Having developed a good amount of a program that heavily interacts with Facebook's various APIs, I can tell you that I'm more surprised when Facebook is working than when it isn't. Very buggy, and very shoddy, indeed.
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Best answer: Facebook has been slow and buggy for me for days.
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Best answer: Faceboook is a complete mess. There is virtually no quality control in their development process and they test by simply releasing new code on a subset of unsuspecting users to see what happens. Like Mimi said, it's more suprising when it works.
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Best answer: You can Like their Known Issues page to get outage messages on your wall.
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Response by poster: well, dang, now it works. thanks, everyone. i'm not going to think too hard about this one.
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I am having the same issues, also running Chrome on a Mac. No problems with Chrome on our netbook though.
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