Dirty-talkin' classical music
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Musicfilter: classical music piece with scripted German sex talk.

Once upon a time a friend shared with me a recording of a classical music piece that had a part for a female vocalist which was, essentially, a sex scene, complete with orgasm sounds. The words were German and I remember the singer cooing "du...du..." My friend said, though the vocal part sounded extemporaneous, it was in fact completely scripted in the music.

Can someone help me find the name of the piece, the composer, and perhaps point me toward a recording? As far as I can tell, this is not one of the suggestions in this thread:

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Seems like it might be the Sonata Erotica by Schulhoff. I'm having a bit of trouble finding a link to anything longer than this, but the vocalist certainly says "Du" a lot.
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That's it! I thought it was early 20th century, had some connection to Dada or Surrealism or other kinds of absurdist art, but wasn't sure if that recollection was right.

Thanks much! MeFi comes through again!
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