European Jazz Piano Recommendations?
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I love the music of Scandinavian jazz piano trios like Tord Gustavsen and EST and records such as 'Trio' and 'January' by Marcin Wasilewski-Slawomir Kurkiewicz-Michal Miski. Which similar piano based jazz albums should I check out? I'm after quiet, melodic, almost impressionist pieces rather than fifty scales a second fusion workouts or anyone playing the thing with their elbow.
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The gold standard (to me, at least) for this would be Jan Johansson's Jazz på Svenska.
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Phronesis have been heralded by some as the new EST. I certainly wouldn't go that far (and, dammit, am now going to spend the afternoon being all depressed about Esbjorn Svensson's death... sigh) but they're worth a listen.
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I stumbled across this today.

He's not European, but you should give atry to Abdullah Ibrahim's works Senzo & Capetown flowers.

You could Dig Michel Graillier's records too: Soft talk and Fairly are nice - but I didn't find them on the amazon american website.

You mentioned ECM recording artists, so you may find more piano players that suit your tastes on the label : off the top of my head, Vassili Tsabropoulos or Bobo Stenson.
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I have never not had people fall in love with Bobo Stenson when I've played his music for them. Start with Serenity.
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Portico Quartet use a hang instead of a piano (18 track YouTube playlist here), and they're English, but you might like them as well.
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Dan Tepfer, a young American pianist plays in a similar fashion. "Five Pedals Deep" is his most recent trio recording.
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Thanks a lot everyone, I'll check all these out. Much appreciated.
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I didn't want to think about French pianists, but I think you could check these ones out : Alain Jean-marie, Stephan Oliva, Ronnie Lynn Patterson, and an American one who could fit nicely in : Steve Kuhn.
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