What are these pods in my garden?
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What are these pods in my garden?

I've posted some pictures of the pods here.

I found these pods in our garden this afternoon. At first I thought they were free-standing bee cells, as when I squished one, what looked like a honey-bee butt came out, but upon further inspection it looks as though it's actually a seed pod of some sort.

The pods are cylindrical, about 8mm in diameter and are very firmly attached to the soil. They form a point where they attach to the ground.
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Best answer: Size and structure seem to match the general description of bird's nest mushrooms.
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Best answer: They're most likely a form of fungus, based on how they're clumped and growing around decaying wood. Perhaps a form of bird's nest fungi? (aka nidulariaceae)

The "eggs" are actually filled with spores that will eventually get ejected by rain. What I believe you're seeing is the fungi its its earlier stages with the epiphragm still intact...take a look sometime later and they should have a more cup-like shape.
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Response by poster: Totally bird's nest - thanks folks!
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