Please recommend some bass-heavy dub and/or dub-influenced dubstep!
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Recommend bass-heavy dub and dub/reggae-influenced dubstep, please! Not looking for wobbly dubstep/brostep, nor am I looking for traditional dub unless it's pretty bass heavy.

Tracks and mixes that I really like that encapsulate this sound:

Black Chow - Wonderland (dub/instrumental version more than vocal)
The Bug - Steng (I know this is a controversial track)
Most of Kode9's Essential Mix
Digital Mystikz - Anti-War Dub
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Can't help you with actual recommendations, but maybe you can also try /r/ifyoulikeblank, when you're lucky very good stuff comes up around there.
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Best answer: Paging empath, the resident UK garage/dubstep expert, but 'till he gets here, some things that might be up your alley:

Eagger and Stunn Gunn - Morder Dem (JSL Remix)
Obeah - Copenhagen Massive
Kode9 - Magnetic City
Skream - Auto-Dub (and most of Skream's s/t, like Colourful and Summer Dreams)
DMZ - Ancient Memories (Skream Remix)
Kromestar - 2004 Love Story (this is a dubplate, but Kromestar's first album is full of goodies like Aston Martin)
Mala - Forgive
Goth-Trad - Babylon Fall
luke.envoy - MUGEN

There's so much more, but this is just off the top of my head. GetDarker and the old Barefiles archive (down but might be mirrored elsewhere) are great for these kinda tracks, though you'll have to sift out the brostep at times. The Deep Medi Musik crew play a lot of what you want.

Gwan, bruv.
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Best answer: Get thee to the Sacred Dub podcast. Its mixed by Bill Laswell who, regardless of what you think of his own work, has a great ear for bass-heavy dub & dubstep.
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I haven't listened to dubstep in time, but you'll probably enjoy Benga. There must be some mixes kicking around on the internet.

There's one called "The Full Mix" that I used to listen to years ago (way before brostep even happened) - Google suggests it shouldn't be too hard to find but I can't check it for sure because I'm at work!
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Maybe Loefha?
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Best answer: I haven't listened to much new in a while, but here's some slightly older stuff that came to mind:

Mungo's Hi Fi! RSD Marcus Visionary
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Seconding Loefha!
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Is this Love - DJ Lojick Remix
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. Two additional gems I've found:

DFRNT on J'aime le Dubstep
Silkie on Fact's podcast

The Sacred Dub recommendation was a solid one! I should have mentioned that I am familiar with Loefah (but that he is definitely within the realm I am talking about).
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