Career prospects of medical sales
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What are the career prospects like for a sales person of medical solutions?

Specifically, dental equipment & software?

Should one be concerned about how niche it appears to be, making the experience irrelevant when changing jobs if it comes to that in the future? Or does this risk get cancelled out by the relative stability of the sector (fewer staff turnover compared to say telco sales) and the potential of earning large money?
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If you perform well in sales, your job will be secure. Any sector. It's staff positions and mgmt that get laid off. Why would anyone fire a top producing sales person? Maybe if they're closing down.
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Response by poster: Some sectors are currently more fruitful than others, eg selling vacuum cleaners are no longer as lucrative as 30 years ago.

Just curious to learn about marketplace trends, personal stories or anecdotes, if anyone has any experience...
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