Korean tattoo artist in NYC
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Recommend me a Korean speaking tattoo artist in NYC or nearby please?

Will be visiting NYC next month and the mrs wants to get a little work done, a poem inked in the korean script hangul. While any artist can ink the shapes of the letters, she wants to work with someone who actually knows how to write hangul.
Ideally a Korean artist, but otherwise hangul-literate would be ok too.
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Best answer: NY Adorned on 2nd and 2nd has an extremely international selection of guest artists throughout the year. While they might not have a Korean artist around currently, they might be able to recommend one elsewhere.
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Best answer: On the stretch of KTown on 32nd between Broadway and Fifth Ave, on the south side of the street, there's a jewelry/accessories store, with a bunch of signs pointing to a tattoo and piercing parlor located in the same building on the second floor (staircase in the rear left side of the accessories shop). Unfortunately, I can't do much better than that; I believe they're somewhere between Woorijip and Pho 32, if that helps.

If they don't have anybody who'd know, they probably would know where to go.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the leads guys, I will check them out!
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Response by poster: Jangie, your tip is where we actually ended up, and the wife got some seriously lovely work done, great experience for all :) I am going back again next week to get some stuff done. Thanks!
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