Need new electronic music.
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Give me everything with a side of synth, please.

I want some good non-dance non-ambient electronic music albums released 2009 and later. By non-dance, I don't mean that you can't dance to them but that they don't fit into the live-performance-is-a-DJ, album-is-a-60-minute-long-mix scene. More like folk artists who use loops instead of guitars. Metal bands who replaced their drummer with a Korg. Home-made minimalist synthpop. Witch house overdubbed with good rapping. Whatever.

For some examples, I want stuff like this or this or this or this or this.

If it is on Bandcamp (or some other site that shares whole albums with the artist's approval) that would be extra-awesome. If you know of a blog that curates this sort of stuff, extra-extra-awesome
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You've heard of Jesu right?
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As AskMe passed on to me, so I pass on to you:

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Viva City
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Black Moth Super Rainbow, the earlier the folkier. Loads of synths, but real drums and bass.

Caveperson, free on bandcamp. Live bass, but digital beats and synthy sounds.

Germany Germany.
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Oh, I forgot Computer Magic, all music free on FMA.
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I just realized I missed your line of examples; some of those suggestions are probably too poppy. I'd still suggest Caveperson, and add to that The Soft Moon.
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Sealions (listen to the Indian Summer song.)

Warm Ghost

Bear in Heaven

Lyonnaise (They're pretty ambient, but knowing you, I think you'll like them anyway. You know, as a bonus.)

Miike Snow
(You've heard of them, but so. so. good.)

Holy Ghost!
(You've probably heard of these guys too. Dancey, but not that 60-minute-DJ-set thing you were talking about. And they just put out their first LP. Finally.)

Capital Cities (Pretty poppy, but yeah. I'm addicted.)
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Crystal Castles.
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Sweden's Kite features heavy use of synths, maybe?
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Check out the free 2010 Tympanik Audio label sampler.
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(Disclaimer: I've released two records on Tympanik, but I'm not on that sampler.)
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Do you check Hype Machine? That's pretty much their specialty.

Also, check the Indie Dance/Nu Disco section at beatport.
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was the new portishead that recent? i know it was vaguely around then, maybe 08...anyway, it is all kinds of good, and i didn't even love the 90s stuff. there's excellent yt interviews with one of the guys too all about his approach to synths too.
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oh and duh--radiohead just gets better and better in this department, in my opinion.
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and not sure this is too dance-y/straight up electronic for you, but the tron legacy soundtrack by daft punk is surprisingly excellent.
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From your video links I think you might like Susumu Yokota, [2], and maybe also The Field, although it's got more rhythm than your suggestions.

If you haven't heard The Knife, you should hear them. Their singer Karin Dreijer has separate recordings under the name of Fever Ray, which you might also like.

Maybe Four Tet would also be your cup of tea.
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I first heard Jon Hopkins when he opened at the Royksopp concert in SF this spring. I'd give him more than two thumbs up, but I'm limited by biology.
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