What inspires you?
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Is there a blog that highlights the courageous life of someone on a daily basis in an easily readable format?

I like to engage in a cognitive reset every evening/morning to remind myself of how great life can be, but sometimes it takes work to find the next bio or documentary to digest.

Has anyone ever made a website that highlights a different life story on a daily basis in a simple way that makes their inspiration easy to access? The essential would be a case study type or description of the most inspiring aspect of their life and not overly heavy on bio/wiki details.

As an example, Liviu Librescu.
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Best answer: It isn't daily, but for informative and thoroughly profane profiles of interesting people, I recommend Badass Of The Week.
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Best answer: Also less than daily, but Awesome People by JD Roth seems to try doing what you're asking for.
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