I need to hear this song, so I can get it ouy of my head
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Can you name this late 80's/early 90's R&B song?

Ok, here is what I remember of this song. It was the B-side of a cassette single. It was either R&B or rap (I know around the time it was out I was listening to things like Heavy D and Rob Base). And I think the lyrics of the hook were:

Baby I've got a crush (a crush) on you

The parenthetical phrase was son kind of in the background and I think kind of whispered. I have tried a google search with those lyrics and every variation I could think of with no luck.

And it's not Mr Cheeks
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Was it 'Crush On You' by The Jets?
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Hip hop king Frankie S:
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I would also guess The Jets
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Jennifer Paige - Crush?
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Response by poster: Nope. Not the Jets or Jennifer Paige. One thing I forgot to put in the post is that the lyrics I remember are:

Baby I've got a crush (a crush) on you (a real deep crush)
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