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What's the name of that upcoming retro-ish sci-fi movie?

This is driving me mad - a few months ago I saw a trailer (here or elsewhere, not sure) for a very very atmospheric, indie-looking sci-fi movie with a sort of chilly 80s aesthetic and a minimalist electro soundtrack (I think). I don't believe it was out yet at the time that I saw the trailer, but may have had a limited release via film festival circuit since then. This ringing any bells for anyone? I couldn't tell thing one about the plot from what I saw, but that's part of what intrigued me.
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What elements made you think it was sci-fi?
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Was it a teaser for the remake of Tron?
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Was it SUPER 8?
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Erk, wrong trailer.
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Response by poster: Definitely not Super 8 or Tron - as I recall the trailer was presented as an independent, lower-budget sort of deal. The aesthetics were very reminiscent of a sort of polished up variant of 80s sci fi things like Space 1999 or the like, oddly shaped doors and dry-ice fog and weird lighting. Very 'artsy' in presentation, the sci-fi seemed more like a mood than 'here is a shot of a space ship doing space things to an alien in space'. I don't believe there was any dialog in the trailer, but that might be mis-remembered.
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Junk Love?
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Was just coming here to say it sounds like you maybe saw a reissue/reshowing of Moon, but EndsofInvention beat me to it.

Regardless, you should watch it, it's excellent.
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Best answer: Beyond The Black Rainbow?
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You might also try looking here to see if anything jogs your memory.
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BobbyVan: "Beyond The Black Rainbow?"

It's got to be that, that's a dead ringer for the OP's description.
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You mention the look of the trailer -- can you recall anything that occurred in the trailer? You didn't get a sense of the plot, but did anything happen at all? Do you recall a character? An action? A quote? Anything?
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I think I know which trailer the OP is talking about. The protagonist is a girl/young woman, and I think their is a unique opportunity to leave the planet. Does that ring any bells?
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Another Earth?
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Yes! Another Earth!
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(I very much doubt that's what the OP is looking for, but I knew it was the one you were thinking of, msali)
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Chiming in to agree with BobbyVan, definitely Beyond the Black Rainbow. There is no way that movie can live up to the expectations set by the trailer.
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Response by poster: Beyond the Black Rainbow! That's the one! Thanks... now I just need to figure out how to see it.
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Response by poster: Altho I did see 'Moon', and it was great, and 'Love' looks pretty intriguing to boot.
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You might also like World on a Wire.
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