Finding an old 80's sci-fi flick.
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Sci-Fi Movie Filter: Trying to locate the title of a movie I saw in the late 80's. It was set in the US in the near future. A private eye or cop was trying to track down someone smuggling a deadly drug or chemical that - when it came in contact with the human body - dissolved it in a fantastically gruesome fashion with smoke and screaming.

The first person you see dying this way is a shuttle pilot. I remember very clearly a scene in a post-mortem where the ME says "We recovered his hand" and picks up the hand, only it is brown and mushy and comes to pieces on his glove.

And then later, one of the baddies injects what he thinks is his fix of some amazing drug but - you guessed it - he starts smoking and screaming.

There's one other scene I clearly remember when the PI/cop steals some sort of nifty shuttle that an old lady had illegally stashed in her garage.

Any ideas? It was definitely low budget and had a faintly Logan's Run style to it. Possibly it was released directly to video. I don't remember any of the actors.
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Are you sure it's not The Stuff?
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No, sorry. Definitely not The Stuff.
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This sounds like a melt movie, a weird little sub-genre of 80s/90s horror.

The Incredible Melting Man
Street Trash
Body Melt
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Live Wire?
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Sorry, zamboni and Sticherbeast. I don't think it's any of those. I saw in the the late 80's and I'm sure it wasn't new then, so the ideal time frame would be late 70's to mid 80's.

(Mind you, these are all being added to my movie list. I didn't even know there was such a genre as a melt movie! The mind boggles!)
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