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Where are the publicly accessible rooftop gardens (can be bars/restaurants) in NYC?

I went to 230 Fifth for brunch yesterday, and it made me start wondering whether the other awesome rooftop places are in New York.
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Here's one...
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*wondering WHERE the other rooftop places are in New York.

(whether? huh? that isn't a spoonerism, but surely there's a word for that kind of mix-up.)
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Awesome list, thanks zoomorphic. All of those I'd come to post are in there. And I learned a few, so thanks OP
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Manhattan or the whole city?

For Brooklyn, I love Graziella's in Fort Greene (though it's only up one story) and Berry Park in Williamsburg.
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Skyline Park, but you'll have to BYO everything.
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Frank Bruini wrote an article about rooftop bars in the Times last summer.
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Sara C.: The whole city is alright with me. Extra points for awesome Astoria or Brooklyn spots.
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