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Stockholm! Give me your recommendations.

Hej from Stockholm! I'm here (now) for the next week and wouldn't mind some recommendations for fun things to do.

I'm into eating and drinking. I like shopping. I like going to indie concerts/shows. I'm not a huge "tourist" so am most interested in the fun things that normal Swedes do. I can find the touristy stuff pretty easily on my own.

If it helps, I'm in Sodermalm, on Ringvagen and Ostgotagatan.

Thanks and tak!
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Best answer: How Does It Feel To Be Loved's Indie travel Guide may be of some use.
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Best answer: The NY Times Travel section just did a 36 hours in Stockholm piece (and slideshow). Touristy, but worth a look.

The weather is going to be great this week, so Stockholmers stuck in the city will be hanging in the parks. Djurgården and Humlegården are two of the nicest. Hagaparken my local park, great for a long stroll but on the opposite side of town from you. Pack a picnic or take an evening walk to appreciate the evening daylight. Regardless of the law, bringing some drinks to the parks will not not a problem.

For music, there is a show tonight in Södermalm at Göta Källare. The rich and beautiful that epitomize Stockholm for many will be found in Stureplan clubs, if you can stand the attitudes.

Late evening drinks outside in Medborgarplatsen can be nice. For better beer and wine, Duvel Cafe is nice.

Hammarby Sjöstad is the fairly newly built section of town. A decade ago it was basically all warehouses. It is worth a daytime trip if you want to see modern Swedish design and urban planning. You can take a trolley from Gullmarsplan. For an old part of town on the other side of the city from Söder, check out Rödaberget, the roughly triangle shaped area ringed by Karlbergsvägen, Torsgatan and Norrbacksgatan.
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Best answer: Couple more suggestions: Take the subway or bus to Karlaplan. At Karlaplan is Fältöversten, an upscale mall. Walk down Karlavägen toward Humlegården. Karlavägen is one of the nicer streets in the city, and you'll get to a good bit of Östermalm.

Another upscale shopping center is in Medborgarplatsen, Söderhallarna.
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Best answer: We took a steamboat out to Grindhall. There's not much there there, but it was great to take a little adventure. The dockside burgers were fabulous!
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Best answer: Since the sun is shining, go for a swim. There are places on långholmen and djurgården where you can swim (look for other people doing it, u don't want swim where there's sudden boat traffic).
Take a boatride to Fjäderholmarna (from slussen) to see some views and eat smoked fish. Take the boat from Slussen to Djurgården and just have a lovely walk among the museums and pretty buildings. Tomorrow is the national holiday, it would not be touristy to hit up Skansen on Djurgården for this party as some swedes make this a tradition. Or do a grill picknick!
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Best answer: A photographer named Erik Johansson is putting up a "large scale street illusion" from June 7-12 in Stockholm (Sergels torg?).
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Best answer: My favorite favorite museum in Stockholm is the Vasamuseet. A whole 17th century ship! Raised from the depths after several centuries and put in a museum! It's awesome.
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Best answer: There's a great vegetarian buffet restaurant in Södermalm named Hermans; it's in Fjällgatan, east from Slussen, and other than delicious food, it has views of the harbour (from the glass-covered patio, anyway).
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Best answer: My son runs the restaurant Babajan on Katarina Bangatan 75. Vast collection of interesting beers, good wines, eclectic food, music. Laid back clientele. Say hej from me.
On the other side of the street is Orion Theatre with music from the 60's progg band Träd, Gräs o Stenar on saturday

At Skål (Cheers) also on Söder there is often music by local artists.

Monday will be their National Day - loads of rather muted public celebrations - they are not after all Norwegians.

Have fun in the sun.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Still getting accustomed to the daylight-almost-all-the-freaking-time thing. Forgot about that. Definitely cracked out a bit.

I will certainly be checking out Babajan (thanks!), but the show at Gote Kallare didn't take credit card for entry, and my card isn't working at the ATM. No cash money til at least tomorrow.

Also, I posted a thing in IRL if anybody would like to hang out with a foreign Mefite. Thanks again!
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Best answer: Cant find your irl thing, link? I am based on söder workwise and am up for lunch or after-work as they say here.
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Best answer: In the early 198)'s travelouge series 'Cities', actress Mai Zetterling explored Stockholm dressed as August Strindberg... you don't have to do it this way, but it could be interesting...
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second Mai Zetterling mention in 24 hrs on metafilter - must be a first
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Best answer: Hot air balloon. I took a balloon flight over Stockholm - I can't imagine a more beautiful city to see by air. Absolutely spectacular.

Seconding the Vasa museum.
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Best answer: Some music links: Fritz's Corner arrange some shows, e.g. free ones with new bands on Wednesdays. Debaser have a lot of shows in two venues. DN påstan lists live shows, but might be hard to use if you don't speak Swedish.

As for museums, I like the new photographic museem, but it depends a bit on what they have on display currently.

Iteki: here i guess.
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