Help us find curtains for our new room! Having issues
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I need help finding/choosing some curtains for our new room!


Well we have converted an exterior balcony/patio area into a new room and have been trying to find some nice curtains that match this bed set:

The "window wall" is 131" across, and 101" tall. I have looked and looked but I cannot for the life of me find any curtains 90x90 except in the UK who do not ship overseas.

I am no stranger to home improvement, however I am not sure what is best in terms of covering the wall. We want blackout-type privacy with colors (or just brown) that match the bedspread. 2 sets of curtains maybe? 1 large curtain? We don't have a curtain rod either.

Obviously we are trying to be as economical as possible, haha, so one of those custom designers who charge an arm and a leg is out of the question :-\

Any sort of help would be appreciated, especially from those who have an eye for these things.
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I should mention we are painting the walls that brown that is shown in the photo, it's a dark chocolate type of color ^^;
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I'd color match the blue from the sheets and hire someone to make custom curtains for you with blackout lining.
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Would any of these fit the general colors you're looking for? You may have difficulty matching that exact blue, and if the walls are brown obviously you don't want to go for brown curtains. Maybe the "pearl"? Another 95" option here but I can't tell if the turquoise might be too dark. They also have some 108" blackout curtains, but again, I'm not sure about the colors.

The tall curtains that you're looking for do exist, but if you want an exact color match on the blue, custom may be your best bet. Alternatively, you could choose a lighter tan or brown that generally coordinates with the chocolate brown, even though it doesn't show up in the bedroom set. As far as the width goes, yeah, you're going to need multiple panels. Wide and tall windows are such a pain! I had to cover the french doors in my bedrooms, and I had similar problems, though the 84" standard ones do work for that.
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You might get away with buying fabric shower curtain and lengthening them by attaching additional fabric to the bottom with hem glue--you could add ribbon to cover the seam and change up colors or have solid on top and pattern below or vice versa.

(Ignore if my suggestion isn't appropriate--i can't follow your link from my phone and I'm bad estimating dimensions)
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Here's a link to someone who extended her curtains by adding a fabric panel -- but I would do it at the bottom and no-sew.

Here is a link with a discussion and a picture of curtains that have been lengthened with a different color.
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Buy extra sheets from your comforter set. Get 2 twin sheets or 2 queen sheets. Open up the deep hem on both ends and voila, curtains. Just thread them onto a curtain rod or get fancy and buy curtain clips (aka drapery rings with clips)

For the blackout effect, either back your sheet curtains with a blackout fabric or hang two curtain rods and put up a second set of blackout curtains in white that you hide behind the other curtains during the day.

(or use a blackout shade behind your curtains)
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