ARG, I just want to refactor without using my mouse!
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How do I get my Eclipse keyboard shortcut back?!

Arg. So I lost the ability to use the refactor-rename keyboard shortcut. I'm on a Mac, so it is (default) set to alt-command-R. Worked great forever, except now? When I try to use it, I just get the damned 'Registered' character instead. I've looked in the preferences and it is showing as mapped correctly, I restored defaults, and removed the binding to a conflicting shortcut, still get that damned R in a circle. Any ideas?
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The ® symbol is option-R. Key combinations involving command (⌘) never produce a character. So either you're not typing what you think you are, or you remapped your modifer keys.

Click the "Modifier Keys" button in the Keyboard section of System Preferences. You probably changed something that you'll want to change back.
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