How long can I refrigerate a urine sample without compromising the testing?
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How long can I refrigerate a urine sample without compromising the testing?

I have to do a 24 hour urine collection (so much fun!) for my endocrinologist to see what's up with my cortisol levels. I had planned on starting the test at 6AM on Sunday and dropping it off at the lab at 7AM on Monday. Due to circumstances outside of my control, I will not be able to do the collection on Sunday. I can do the collection Saturday AM to Sunday AM and take the urine to the lab on Monday AM. It will be in the fridge the whole time. I just want to make sure that the extra 24 hours of refrigeration will not screw up the test results.

My doctor is of course off today and getting someone on the phone at my local LabCorp is not something that is going to happen in this universe, which is why I am asking here.
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You're doing just fine, dude.

Just because you got it to the doc/lab on time doesn't mean they start on it immediately. They wait a long time...with your stuff going in the fridge.

No worries. Just keep it cool.
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Call a LabCorp customer service line.
Supposedly it is for providers, but hey, they're putting it on a public web page. What do they expect?

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SLC Mom, I got hung up on twice and sat on hold for a while, but I did finally get a hold of someone who said that it would be good for up to five days! Thanks to both you and hal_c_on.
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