Champagne to go in Chicago?
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I'd like to have a bottle of champagne delivered to my brother who just moved into a new place. I know there are online "champagne gift" delivery sites, but I wondered if somewhere local (to him) could do this just as well, for a little less money and keep the money with a small merchant.

He's in Chicago in the Gold Coast area - I'm sure there are plenty of places nearby. And would him not being home to receive the delivery be a problem? Though I'm sure his fancypants building has a doorman/concierge...

So, any recommendations for Chicago liquor delivery? Thanks!
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I get wine through the mail on occasion. Most wine shops have containers that allow you to mail wine. I can't think of a more inexpensive way of sending it, than buying it local, and mailing it yourself.
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check local flower shops, they might be able to do a delivery of a basket or something.
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Definitely florists. They're set up to do this kind of delivery already.
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