On tonights episode of "ow my balls"
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YANAD but any ideas why my manly areas hurt?

Lately - on and off have had testicular pain. Seems to be only on the right side. Comes almost in pulses. Then goes away, sometimes for days. I have checked and no lumps or anything (plus pain doesn't seem to be a symptom of that).

They don't seem to hurt to the touch. Sometimes I am not even 100% sure if its them or just in the area.

I recently have also had some backpain from staying on the treadmill too long and wonder if its connected.

Probably making a doc appoint anyways in a week or so but would love some thoughts until then. WebMD doesn't seem to really have anything useful for this.
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I had similar symptoms once, down to the uncertainty about the source of the pain/discomfort, diagnosed as Epididymitis.
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Get it checked out. Could be nothing, could be epididymitis, could be torsion. Better safe than sorry.
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Could also be hernia. Do get checked out, soon.
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I had very similar symptoms. Turns out I had Epididymitis, like scatter gather.
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My husband and epididymitis with very similar symptoms. Is it painful to ejaculate? Is the affected testicle warmer to the touch?

Personally, I wouldn't wait around when it comes to testicle pain, even if it's intermittent. That's not an area you want to mess around with.
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Have it checked out; it could be referred back pain, it could be epididymitis, it could be hernia, or it could be nothing (torsion is probably unlikely, because you'd probably be in a lot more pain and it wouldn't come and go, but it's still something to rule out, and sooner rather than later).
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When I've experienced symptoms like this, it turned out to kidney stones.
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to *be* kidney stones, that is.

Especially the back pain and the "comes and goes" parts, to be more specific. When it's hurting, do you feel like you have to pee all the time, even after just doing so?
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Could be a hydrocele, especially if the pain moderates when you lie down.
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Get it checked out by an MD to rule out everything non-back-pain-related. If that doesn't address it, you can see a PT that specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction - these are frequently advertised as "Women's Health" PTs, but they typically see referred testicular pain pretty frequently.
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Could be epididymitis, could be a cyst. I've had both, and the discomfort you describe sounds similar.

I know you said you've checked for lumps, but epididymal cysts cam be elusive little buggers. Soak in a hot bath until your boys are nice and slack, then have a gentle feel around the top/back area of each one. It'll feel a little rough there - that's the epididymus. If you feel a hard nodule anywhere, that may be a cyst. Also check your balls. They should feel more-or-less smooth. Try not to worry too much - this sort of pain is surprisingly common, it's just that we guys tend not to talk about it too much. But get to a doc just to be sure
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Like Decani, I have also had both epididymitis and a cyst (both at once was no fun at all,) and also discovered this is much more common than I had ever thought. For how much worry and mental anguish it caused me at the time, ball-health does not come up at the poker tables as much as it perhaps should.

See the Doc, get your junk palpated, and I'd bet a prescription for antibiotics takes care of it.
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It could also be a varicocele.

N-thing going to a doctor. Mine told me something like half of all men get one at some point in their lives. And all of these things are treatable, as long as you see a doctor.
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It's your balls. Get off the internet and go to the doctor.
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