Could YOUR children be at risk?
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I'm looking for video clips of television news stories in the sensationalist youth-at-risk genre. You know the format: "[Dubious-sounding youth trend or other phenomenon] is sweeping the nation. Could your children be at risk? Up next on [triflin-ass station desperate for viewers]!".

The more ridiculous, the better. Devil worship, drug use (especially novel and improbable ways of getting high), rampant teen sex, flimsy rumors of criminals who target or exploit young people in unlikely but attention-getting ways, razor blades in Halloween apples, seemingly innocuous household items which are actually bloodthirsty death traps, isolated incidents reported as evidence of an alarming trend, etc.

I'm specifically looking for stories that suggest that the well-being of children and young people is threatened by the phenomenon in question. Super-extra bonus points if the reporter utters some variation on the phrase "could your children be at risk?".

You usually see these stories on local TV news, of course, but anything is fair game.

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I don't know what your timeframe is, but it might be worth a look for ABCs segment on The Goth Menace just after the Columbine shootings. That was particularly lurid, and might be of use to you since the particulars have been pretty comprehensively refuted (by Dave Cullen, among others)
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Well, here is a parody of that sort of thing from Saturday Night Live: are kids getting high on soup?
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My favorite video of this type: The dangers of Grog XD!
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A "profile" of Anonymous done in 2007 by L.A.'s Fox affiliate is good for a chuckle. See here for background, and I think this is the video, but I'm at work and can't verify it.
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I don't have any video links but planking has been in the news in NZ and Australia lately.
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The Wikipedia article you want is Moral panic.
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Local story earlier this year..seriously.."An investigation by KTVB found hundreds of young people in the Treasure Valley are spending weekend nights at a popular activity their parents may know nothing about." They're called raves..
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One of my all time faves: Teens abusing nutmeg.
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I learned about autoerotic asphyxiation from a very alarmed -- and alarmist -- Oprah in the '80s (back when she was a little more Jerry Springer/Ricky Lake than in her later days). If old episodes are available anywhere, that one would fit your bill nicely.
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My favorite one, moreso in the 'wow teenagers are stupid' kind of way:

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iDosing, haunted tunez, digital drugs -- is your teen getting high... on MP3s?! Oklahoma News 9 is on the case.

Meanwhile, Fox News 29 investigates the evils of PSP porn, as parodied by this hilarious Penny Arcade comic.

Cleveland's Carl Monday is also a gold mine for this kind of stuff. Ahem.
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This segment from Infomania still makes me laugh: Teen Hugging Panic.
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I went looking for the great comic book panic of the 1950s, but came up with "The 6 Most Insane Moral Panics in American History" instead.
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The granddaddy of them all: Reefer Madness (originally called Tell Your Children). "The weed marihuana" will make your kids GO INSANE and KILL.

"The next tragedy may be that of your daughter's... or your son's... or YOURS!"
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Moral panic about comic books in the '50s has some great vintage outrage footage (though not a news show), and I'm just now starting to watch a sidelisted video, "Adam Curtis-Paranoia and Moral Panics (2010)."
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Digital Drugs, brought to you by Oklahoma News 9.
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Oh my God, what is this thing called punk (1983)?
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Geraldo Rivera did a fantastic show on devil worship in the 80's. It's glorious camp and can be found on Google Videos.
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