Trying to track down a product advertised on tv.
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Need help looking for a product in a commercial (rubber strap)...

Hi all,

While on holiday in Florida a couple of weeks back, I saw a commercial advertising a product that I think my brother would like (he has a birthday coming up).

The product was a green (rubber?) strap that was basically a rubber tie down but it had holes/notches in it that the end could be poked through to secure it. I know it wasn't very expensive but for the life of me, I can't recall its name. I did some basic searches on Google, but I couldn't find anything.

Here's what I know:

- the strap itself is green (and it has a couple of holes in it for the other side to go through)
- it appears to be green in color
- I could have swore the name of it was "scorpion" or something like that (Google search ended up proving this might not be the case)
- the website was pretty simple; it was something like (or whatever the name of the product was).
- I am pretty sure it was on HGTV

Ring any bells? Can someone provide some assistance? Thanks,
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Best answer: Raptor Straps?
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Response by poster: YES!!!!

Thanks looks to be them!!!

Thanks so much!
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