Why does Windows Live think I'm still running Vista?
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I recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I'm trying to find and download gadgets for my desktop. When I go to the Windows Live page, I only see gadgets compatible with Vista. Why does Windows Live think I'm still running Vista?
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Because there isn't an awful lot of difference? The user experience is better with Windows 7 (although I have Windows 7 and work and hate it and Vista at home and it's okay for me), but the stuff under the hood and all the new security features (UAC, for example) are in both.
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You might check out Google desktop, it does the same thing as the Windows side-bar.

There might not be an emphasis on Windows 7 gadgets because I don't think it's been pushed as much as it was in Vista (I don't even think it was on by default.)
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Best answer: Every Windows Vista gadget I've come across runs in 7.

FWIW, I went to the Windows Live Gallery page on my machine from both Chrome and IE, and all I see is Vista too, and that's on a machine that's never had Vista anywhere near it. Probably just a hardcoding of Vista when the page was made, and no one has thought to change it.
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I'm using a Windows Vista gadget and it runs perfectly in Windows 7, just to add some more anecdata.
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